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NASA Manned Flight Awareness Decal #2

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NASA Manned Flight Awareness Decal #2

Decal measures approx. 155mm x 95mm

The manned flight awareness program has now been superseded by the spaceflight awareness program. 

The SFA Program (previously known as the MFA Program) became a formal program following the Mercury and Gemini Programs, when NASA took steps to infuse the space program with a renewed and strengthened consciousness of quality and flight safety. As NASA human space flight programs grew, NASA centers were requested to expand their assistance to government agencies and contractors in enhancing employee motivation. SFA soon became the watchword of the human space program.

As it grew in stature, the SFA Program played an integral and increasingly forceful role in the Apollo, Skylab, and Apollo-Soyuz projects. By the time the Space Shuttle was flying, the program had begun to promote its goals through various motivational vehicles: Awards, films, publications, posters, and an array of pins, buttons, banners, and decals.

Today as we continue with the Space Shuttle Program and begin the tremendous task, along with our international partners, of assembling the International Space Station, those motivational elements, especially the SFA awards, distinguish a vigorous, effective program for involving employees in the production of quality space hardware, software, and services.

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NASA Manned Flight Awareness Decal #2

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