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Apollo 14 Mission Decal
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Apollo 14 Mission Insignia Decal

The decal measures 90mm approx across.

Mission Objective
The primary objectives of this mission were to explore the Fra Mauro region centered around deployment of the Apollo Lunar Surface Scientific Experiments Package, or ALSEP; lunar field geology investigations; collection of surface material samples for return to Earth; deployment of other scientific instruments not part of ALSEP; orbital science involving high-resolution photography of candidate future landing sites; photography of deep-space phenomena, such as zodiacal light and gegenschein; communications tests using S-band and VHF signals to determine reflective properties of the lunar surface; engineering and operational evaluation of hardware and techniques; tests to determine variations in S-band signals; and photography of surface details from 60 nautical miles in altitude.

"Shepard back in space..."

Alan B. Shepard Jr.

Edgar D. Mitchell
Lunar Module Pilot

Stuart A. Roosa
Command Module Pilot

Backup Crew
Eugene A. Cernan

Joe H. Engle
Lunar Module Pilot

Ronald E. Evans
Command Module Pilot

Kitty Hawk (CM-110)
Antares (LM-8)

Prelaunch Milestones
1/21/70 - S-IVB ondock at Kennedy
1/21/70 - S-II ondock at Kennedy
1/12/70 - S-IC ondock at Kennedy
5/6/70 - S-IU ondock at Kennedy

Jan. 31, 1971; 4:03 p.m. EDT
Launch Pad 39A
Saturn-V AS-509
High Bay 3
Mobile Launcher Platform-2
Firing Room 2

Altitude: 118.55 miles
Inclination: 31.12 degrees
Orbits: 34 revolutions
Duration: nine days, two minutes
Distance: 1,150,321 miles
Lunar Location: Fra Mauro
Lunar Coordinates: 3.65 degrees south, 17.48 degrees west

Feb. 9, 1971
Pacific Ocean
Recovery Ship: USS New Orleans