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Apollo NASA Mission Control Patch
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Apollo NASA Mission Control Patch

The patch is a limited edition of only 200 pieces, many of which have been used to form presentation pieces to be autographed by mission control personnel.

The Latin legend across the top, Res Gesta Par Excellentiam, translates as Achievement Through Excellence. The symbols on the bottom border represent the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo projects.

The Mission Control Patch
This emblem was developed for the Mission Control team to recognize their unique contribution to the Manned Space Program. To date, we have flown 47 missions during the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Programs. These missions have succeeded due to the efforts of the Mission Control Team.
In selecting the theme of the emblem we centered upon the Sigma as the dominant element. This sigma has been used once before on the Mercury 8 spacecraft. The sigma represents the total mission team. In addition, it represents the individual flight control teams from all programs past, present and future. Within the teams, it represents all engineering, scientific, and operations disciplines and tasks in support of the spacecraft and aircraft program elements. To a great extent, it can represent many other things as the benefits for all mankind that are possible through space.
The rocket launch represents the dynamic elements of space, the initial escape from our environment and the thrust to explore the universe. The energy of the program must be maintained by the mission team if the space goals are to be achieved.
The remaining elements are the Earth, planets and the stars. The Earth is our home and will forever be serviced by both manned and unmanned spacecrafts in order to improve the quality of life of our present home. The stars and planets represent a major source of scientific study as well as the challenge of exploration for the future mission control teams. At no time should we lower our sights below the quest for the stars, for only in this way are we challenged sufficiently to be better than we are.
The border of the patch contains symbols to represent the three major programs that have been supported by the team. The Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Programs have seen a succession of many great moments. These programs succeeded due to the dedication of the many people who formed the teams and committed their being to the team. The four stars represent the current and future programs: Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz Test program (ASTP), Earth Resources Aircraft Program, and the Shuttle. At the conclusion of these programs, modifications to the emblem will be made to replace the star with an appropriate symbol for the program.
The wording on the patch was chosen to stress the very positive attitude used by the Mission Control team to assure crew safety and mission success. “Achievement through Excellence” is the standard for our work. It represents an individual’s commitment to a belief, to craftsmanship and perseverance. With the above qualities, a positive approach is created that assures objective accomplishment and the return of the crew.
The emblem thus recognizes your contribution to history, and a commitment to current and future programs, and will assure continuity of the great teams of the past.
Eugene F. Kranz-1973