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Buran - Soviet Shuttle Embroidered Patch
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 Buran Soviet Shuttle Embroidered Patch

The patch measures approx 4" x 2" Limited edition of only 100 patches.

The Buran spacecraft ( Бура́н, Snowstorm or Blizzard), was the only completed and operational space shuttle vehicle from the Soviet Buran program. The Buran completed one unmanned spaceflight in 1988 before the cancellation of the Soviet shuttle program in 1993.

The Buran spacecraft was designed for the delivery to orbit and return to Earth of spacecraft, cosmonauts, and supplies. Like the U.S. space shuttle , the Buran, when in transit from its landing sites back to the launch complex, was transported on the back of a large jet aeroplane. It was piggy-backed on the  AntonovAn 225 Mriya aircraft, which was designed in part for this task and remains the largest aircraft in the world.