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China ShenZhou 10 Mission Embroidered Patch 2
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Shenzhou 10 Embroidered Crew Patch

Full colour embroidered crew patch approximately 90 mm (3.5") diameter.

About Shenzhou 10.
Shenzhou 10 was a manned spaceflight of China's Shenzhou program that was launched on 11 June 2013. It was China's fifth manned space mission. The mission had a crew of three astronauts: Nie Haisheng, who was mission commander and previously flew on Shenzhou 6, Zhang Xiaoguang, a former PLAAF squadron commander who conducted the rendezvous and docking, and Wang Yaping, the second Chinese female astronaut. The Shenzhou spacecraft docked with the Tiangong-1 trial space laboratory module on 13 June, and the astronauts performed physical, technological, and scientific experiments while on board. Shenzhou 10 was the final mission to Tiangong 1 in this portion of the Tiangong program. On 26 June 2013, after a series of successful docking tests, Shenzhou 10 returned to Earth.

Production of the patch was made possible with the kind assistance of Jorge Cartes of Spain, providing detailed artwork and quality control of the embroidered proofs.