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Commemorative 1 Year Expedition Mission Patch
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Commemorative Expedition 1 Year Mission Patch

This patch represents the historic one-year expedition to the International Space Station (ISS), spanning Increments 43 through 46. The ISS, an orbiting laboratory above the Earth, provides a unique environment in which to study the effects of long-duration space flight on the human body. This 1-year mission will pave the way for future pursuits in space exploration of humankind on longer journeys to farther destinations. The large number 1 on the patch is emblazoned with US and Russian Flags depicting the duration of the flight and the countries of its crewmembers. The last names of the 1-year crew, ISS commander Scott Kelly and flight engineer Mikhail Kornienko, appear under the space station symbol above 13 stars, which represent the astronauts and cosmonauts who will be on-board and working together in harmony during this year-long mission. The Earth and sun are depicted with two orbital planes, symbolizing the ISS orbiting the Earth while the Earth is orbiting the sun during the year-long mission.