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MIR Soviet/Russian Partners

Space Collectibles and Souvenirs for recent/current space missions,

Checkout these recent International Space Station Expeditions: 

Expedition 66 Embroidered Mission Patch

Expedition 66 Mission Lapel Pin

Expedition 67 Embroidered Mission Patch

Expedition 67 Mission Lapel Pin

Still available and very popular our very own Astronaut Tim Peake, Expeditions 46/47 mission items

Expedition 46 Crew Photo

Expedition 46 Mission Patch - Now designated unofficial first design.

Expediition 46 Mission Patch -  Available Now

Expedition 46 'Principia' Official Tim Peake Personal Patch

Expedtion 46 Mission Pin  - Available Now!

Expedition 47 Crew Photo

Expediition 47 Mission Patch

Tim Peake 'Principia' Official Tim Peake Personal Patch

Expedition 47 Mission Pin