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EVA Shuttle Space Station Spacewalk Patch
NASA EVA Shuttle Space Station Spacewalk Patch
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EVA Shuttle Space Station Spacewalk Patch

Please note AB Emblem -This version no longer has gold visor.

Hamilton Sundstrand, the manufacturer of the Shuttle EVA (extravehicular activity, known colloquially as a "space walk") suits, designed this patch to be affixed to all of its space suits -- since company logos are verboten on NASA equipment. This patch is also based on the da Vinci "Vitruvian Man" theme, but is updated for the space age: the central human figure is an astronaut suited for EVA. While this is a bit of a liberty with a classic image, it does address two modern concerns: the spacesuited figure is androgynous to reflect that female astronauts perform EVAs as well as male astronauts; and it presumably cushions delicate sensibilities from abuse. Courtesy Gene Dorr Patches website.

Patch approx 100mm (4") square.
5 Stars
These stars represent five significant spacewalks:
  • The first EVA— Gemini 4
    • The first lunar EVA— Apollo 11
    • The first “rescue” EVA— Skylab 2
    • The first shuttle EVA— STS-6
    • The first expedition EVA— STS-104
Modeled after Leonardo da Vinci'sVitruvian Man.