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Expedition 14 ISS International Space Station Mission Lapel Pin Official NASA
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Expedition 14 was the 14th expedition to the International Space Station (ISS). Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria, and flight engineer Mikhail Tyurin launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on September 18, 2006, 04:09 UTC, aboard Soyuz TMA-9. They joined Thomas Reiter, who had arrived at the ISS on 06 July 2006 aboard Space Shuttle Discovery during mission STS-121. In December 2006, Discovery mission STS-116 brought Sunita Williams to replace Reiter as the third member of Expedition 14. On April 21, 2007, Lopez-Alegria and Tyurin returned to Earth aboard TMA-9. Landing occurred at 12:31:30 UTC.

Mission objectives: To continue assembly of the International Space Station with three assembly spacewalks and A Space Shuttle mission:STS-116 (Discovery).

To relocate Soyuz TMA-9 from the aft port of the Zvezda module to nadir port of the Zarya module.

To service three Progress visits to the ISS, filled with food, fuel, water and supplies to augment supplies delivered by the visiting Space Shuttles.

Reconfigure power from solar arrays and cooling system.

Remove and jettison shrouds covering the truss system.