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Expedition 3 ISS International Space Station Mission Lapel Pin Official NASA
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Expedition 3 Lapel Pin 

Pioneering research in space begun by two previous crews aboard the International Space Station (ISS) expanded during the Expedition Three mission. The third resident crew launched on August 10, 2001 on Space Shuttle Discovery during mission STS-105 and took control of the complex on August 13, 2001. The crew conducted a science-intensive increment and completed four spacewalks. The Expedition Three crew ended their 117-day residency onboard the ISS on December 8, 2001 when STS-108 landed.

An international crew of three were the third crew to live aboard the International Space Station. The team was led by American Commander Frank Culbertson, and joined by Russian crewmates Vladimir Dezhurov, mission pilot, and flight engineer Mikhail Tyurin. As a part of the STS-105 mission, Discovery delivered the Expedition 3 crew to the station. During their four-month stay, the crew saw the orbital complex expand and research work grow. The Expedition 3 crew returned home on mission STS-108.