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Expedition 4 ISS International Space Station Mission Lapel Pin Official NASA
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ISS Expedition 4 Lapel Pin

The International Space Station expanded its science investigations, almost doubling the previous amount of experiments performed during the Expedition Four mission. The fourth resident crew launched on December 5, 2001 on board Space Shuttle Endeavour during mission STS-108. They became official station residents at 4:11 p.m. CST on December 8, 2001, and remained on board until June 2002, when they landed on STS-111 . Expedition 4 crew members Bursch and Walz held the single spaceflight endurance record of 196 days in orbit until April 21, 2007, when Mike Lopez-Alegria broke it after the 215-day Expedition 14.

An international crew of three were the fourth crew to live aboard the International Space Station. The team was led by Russian Yuri I. Onufrienko and joined by American crewmates Daniel W. Bursch and Carl E. Walz, both flight engineers. As a part of the STS-108 mission, Endeavour delivered the Expedition 4 crew to the station. They returned to Earth June 19, 2002, aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour following the STS-111 mission.