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Expedition 54 Mission Decal
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Expedition 54 Mission Decal 

The Expedition 54 crew insignia Orbiting Earth continuously since 1998, the International Space Station (ISS) is one of our greatest engineering achievements. It is depicted in gold, symbolic of constancy and excellence. Flying toward a sunrise represents the station’s contributions to a bright future. That sunrise uses blue, white, and red, the combined national colors of Japan, Russia, and the United States, symbolizing the crew’s cohesiveness. Crewmember names are in blue, symbolizing devotion and loyalty. The gold border represents the constant human presence in space onboard the orbiting laboratory. Symbolic of new Russian and U.S. spacecraft that will advance human exploration, the patch is shaped as a capsule. The number 54 is drawn as a path eventually leading to Mars. Finally, the stars symbolize the values of leadership, trust, teamwork, and excellence lived by mission control teams throughout the history of human space programs, as well as the global vigilance of those teams while operating the station.