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Gemini 3 Image Library
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 Gemini 3 Image Library

1 DVD-R containing over 400 photos surrounding the flight of astronauts Grissom and Young aboard the first U.S. two-man spacecraft in March of 1965.

Credits: Compilation by J.L. Pickering

Retro Space Images produces and distributes CD and DVD-R computer data discs containing hi-res (300 dpi or larger) images that show the history of NASA. The discs contain many images that have seldom been seen, and some that are probably being shown for the first time. Considerable care has been taken to produce the best image available for use in these discs. Color correction and repair has been utilized whenever necessary.

Production is continuing on future compilations, with the goal being a disc produced for each of the U.S. manned space missions since 1961.