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International Space Station Expedition 24 Patch
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International Space Station Expedition 24 Embroidered Patch 

Full colour embroidered expedition patch.

Science and Exploration are the cornerstones of NASA's mission onboard the International Space Station (ISS). This emblem signifies the dawn of a new era in our program's history. With each new expedition, as we approach assembly complete, our focus shifts toward the research nature of this world-class facility.

Prominently placed in the foreground, the ISS silhouette leads the horizon. Each ray of the sun represents the five international partner organizations that encompass this cooperative program.

Expedition 24 is one of the first missions expanding to a crew of six. These crews, symbolized here as stars arranged in two groups of three, will launch on Soyuz vehicles. The unbroken flight track symbolizes our continuous human presence in space, representing all who have and will dedicate themselves as crew and citizens of the International Space Station.