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KSC APOLLO/SATURN V CENTER 1997 Embroidered Patch
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KSC APOLLO/SATURN V CENTER 1997 Embroidered Patch

4" (100mm) diameter embroidered patch.

The Apollo/Saturn V Center is located north-northwest of Launch Complex 39 on the Kennedy Parkway N near the Shuttle Landing Facility and is only accessible to visitors by bus tours from the Visitors Complex. The center, which opened December 17, 1996, was designed by award-winning experience designer Bob Rogers (designer) and the design team BRC Imagination Arts, for NASA and Delaware North Companies.

The building was built to house a restored Saturn V launch vehicle and features other exhibits related to the Apollo program. Until the structure was built, the Saturn V was displayed horizontally for many years outdoors just south of the Vehicle Assembly Building and tour buses brought visitors to it.