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Larger Size NASA Gemini 6 Space Mission Embroidered Patch
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Larger Size NASA Gemini 6 Space Mission Embroidered Patch

This new format Gemini mission patch is larger and more detailed than those ordinarily available. Each comes in its own sealed packet. Each patch has a full colour header card with details of the mission on the reverse.

Gemini 6A (officially Gemini VI-A) was a 1965 manned United States spaceflight in

NASA's Gemini program. The mission achieved the first manned rendezvous with another spacecraft, its sister Gemini 7. Although the Soviet Union had twice previously launched simultaneous pairs of Vostok spacecraft, these established radio contact with, but came no closer than, several kilometers of each other, while Gemini 6A and 7 came as close as one foot (30 cm) and could have docked had they been so equipped.

Gemini 6A was the fifth manned Gemini flight, the 13th manned American flight, and the 21st manned spaceflight of all time (includes X-15 flights over 100 kilometres (62 mi).