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Mars 2020 Perseverance Patch
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NASA Mars 2020 - NASA Mars Perseverance Jezero Crater, Mars Embroidered Patch

NASA Mars Perseverance Embroidered Patch

(Patch measures 95 mm square)

Perseverance, nicknamed Percy, is a car-sized Mars rover designed to explore Jezero crater on Mars as part of NASA 's Mars 2020 mission. It was manufactured by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and was launched on 30 July 2020, at 7:50 a.m. EDT (11:50 UTC).

NASA Mars Perseverance Press Kit

News update - Perseverance has landed!

Mission Name: Mars 2020

Rover Name: Perseverance

Main Job: Seek signs of ancient life and collect samples of rock and regolith (broken rock and soil) for possible return to Earth.

Launch: July 30, 2020

Landing: Feb. 18, 2021

Landing Site: Jezero Crater, Mars