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Mercury 3 Lapel Pin
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Mercury 3 Lapel Pin

Freedom 7 MR-3 (18)

Freedom 7
Pad LC-5 ()
Redstone (5) 

Crew: Alan B. Shepard, Jr  


4/18/61 - 1st Launch Simulation at pad 
5/05/61 - Launch 

May 5, 1961 9:34am EST    The formal countdown for the preparation for launching MR-3 started on the day previous to launch day. The countdown was actually split into two parts because previous experience had shown that it was preferable to run the countdown in two shorter segments and allow the launch crew of both the spacecraft and the launch vehicle to obtain some rest before starting the final preparation. The countdown started at 8:30am EST on May 4, 1961. All operations proceeded normally and were completed ahead of schedule. A build-in hold of approximately 15 hours was called at T-6 hours 30 minutes. During this time the various pyrotechnics were installed in the spacecraft and the hydrogen peroxide system was serviced.