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Mercury 7 Lapel Pin
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Mercury 7 Lapel Pin

Aurora 7 MA-7 (24)

Aurora 7 
Pad LC-14 () 
Atlas (7) 

Crew: M. Scott Carpenter 

Milestones: n/a

Payload: Spacecraft No. 18 (Aurora 7), Vehicle Number 107-D 

Mission Objective: Corroborate man-in orbit 


Altitude: 166.8 by 99.9 statute miles 
Orbits: 3 
Period: 88min 32 secs 
Duration: 0 Days, 4 hours, 56 min, 5 seconds 
Distance: 76,021 statute miles 
Velocity: 17,549 
Max Q: 967 
Max G: 7.8 


May 24, 1962. 7:45:16 EST. The launch countdown proceeded almost perfectly, with only a last-minute hold of 45 minutes occurring at the T-11 minutes mark in anticipation of better camera coverage and to allow aircraft to check the atmospheric refraction index in the vicinity of Cape Canaveral. The launch vehicle used to accelerate Carpenter and the Aurora 7 spacecraft was an Atlas D. The differences between the Atlas 107-D launch vehicle and the Atlas 109-D used for MA-6 involved retention of the insulation bulkhead and reduction of the staging time from 131.3 to 130.1 seconds after liftoff. 

The performance of the launch vehicle was exceptionally good with the countdown, launch and insertion conforming very closely to planned conditions. At sustainer engine cut off (SECO) at T+5min10sec, all spacecraft and launch vehicle systems were go and only one anomaly occurred during launch.

The abort sensing and implementation system (ASIS) Hydraulic switch No. 2 for the sustainer engine actuated to the abort position at 4:25 minutes after liftoff. Pressure transducer H52P for the sustainer hydraulic accumulator was apparently faulty and showed a gradual decrease in pressure from 2,940 psia to 0 between 190 and 312 seconds after liftoff.

Another transducer in the sustainer control circuit indicated that pressure had remained at proper levels so the switch did not actuate until the normal time after SECO. 


May 24, 1962. 12:41 p.m. EST. 19deg 29min North 64deg 05min West.