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NASA Apollo 11 Commemorative Limited Edition
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NASA Apollo 11 Commemorative (1969-2019)
Limited Edition (200) Embroidered Patch
This patch is the creation of well known patch artist Luc van den Abeelen from the Netherlands.
The 11 cm wide shape is based on a that of a 1960's television screen: an estimated 600 million people witnessed the first lunar landing watching T.V.

The central scene of the patch is an astronaut engaged in taking pictures of the lunar surface. To the left, the impressive spectacle of a Saturn V launch is depicted with the image of a proud American flag on the moon immediately next to it. To the right is a view of the Lunar Module underneath three stars representing the crew, and our blue home planet, Earth.

The ochre and blue border are taken from the official NASA Apollo 11 patch; the three stars are based on those in the Apollo Program patch. The Earth and the US flag are pictured after the Apollo 11 crew's lunar surface photography. 'APOLLO 11' is executed in the Euro-style Extended font used throughout Apollo patch designs.

The Saturn V's tip and and the lunar lander's leg extend outside the border of the design, symbolising mankind's continued lunar exploration beyond Apollo's achievements - we are soon to return to our celestial neighbour.