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NASA Apollo 50 Years Commemorative Medallion
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NASA Apollo Program 50 Years Commemorative Medallion
 Contains Lunar Flown Apollo Command Module and Mars Curiosity engineering metals.
Now with backing card that also acts as a certificate of authenticity.
This official NASA collectible will take pride of place in any space medallion collection.

This 1.75" diameter two-sided Medallion includes Apollo Command Module Flown Metal and Mars Curiosity engineering metal!

On one side is the Apollo program insignia and on the reverse side is the Apollo 50 Years, ‘Next giant leap’ logo.

Considering the real value of this historic medallion, the cost is significantly below what would be expected of a collectible such as this. Dimensionally rendered in antique bronze effect finish. Includes a Circular Presentation Case.

Two-sided medallion is 1.75" in diameter

  • Medallion contains Apollo flown metal that went to the moon!
  • A Beautiful antique bronze finish
  • Plastic protective display case included and display card.