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NASA Apollo 7 Patch 4" Embroidered Mission Patch
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NASA Apollo 7 Patch 4" Embroidered Emblem

Apollo 7 mission patch

Apollo 7 mission insignia

"The Walt, Wally and Donn Show..."

Walter Schirra Jr.

R. Walter Cunningham
Lunar Module Pilot

Donn F. Eisele
Command Module Pilot

Backup Crew
Thomas Stafford

Eugene Cernan
Lunar Module Pilot

John Young
Command Module Pilot


Prelaunch Milestones
3/28/68 - S-I ondock at Kennedy
3/28/68 - S-IB ondock at Kennedy
4/7/68 - S-IVB ondock at Kennedy
4/11/68 - S-IU ondock at Kennedy
5/11/68 - launch vehicle at pad
8/9/68 - spacecraft at pad
9/17/68 - Countdown Demonstration Test

Oct. 11, 1968; 11:02:45 a.m. EST
Launch Complex 34
Saturn-IB AS-205
First Block II CSM
First crewed CSM mission
First three-person American crew
First live TV downlink

Altitude: 141.65 miles
Inclination: 31.608 degrees
Orbits: 163 revolutions
Duration: 10 days, 20 hours, nine minutes, three seconds
Distance: 4,546,918.3 miles

Oct. 22, 1968; 7:11:48 a.m. EDT
Atlantic Ocean
Recovery Ship: USS Essex

NASA Space Mission Patch Collectable Souvenir emblem from the U.K No.1 NASA Space Store.