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NASA Astronaut Michael Barratt 8"x10" Full Colour Portrait #2
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NASA Astronaut Michael Barratt  Full Colour Portrait 

EXPERIENCE: Dr. Barratt came to NASA JSC in May 1991 employed as a project physician with KRUG Life Sciences working on medical systems for Space Station Freedom.  In July 92 he was assigned as NASA Flight Surgeon working in Space Shuttle Medical Operations.  In January 94 he was assigned to the joint US/Russian Shuttle – Mir Program, working and training extensively in the Cosmonaut Training Center, Star City, Russia in support of the Mir-18 / STS-71 and subsequent missions.

From July 95 through July 98, he served as Medical Operations Lead for the International Space Station (ISS).  A frequent traveler to Russia, he worked with counterparts at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center and Institute of Biomedical Problems, as well as other International Partner centers.  Dr. Barratt served as lead crew surgeon for first expedition crew to ISS from July 98 until selected as an astronaut candidate.  He serves as Associate Editor for Space Medicine for the journal Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine, and is senior editor of the textbook ‘Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Flight’.

NASA EXPERIENCE:  Selected as a mission specialist by NASA in July 2000, Dr. Barratt reported for training in August 2000.  Following the completion of two years of training and evaluation, he was assigned technical duties in the Astronaut Office Station Operations Branch.  Assigned to long duration flight training in 2005, Dr. Barratt launched on Soyuz TMA-14 on March 26, 2009 to the International Space Station and served as a member of Expeditions 19 and 20.  This time period  included the transition from three to six permanent ISS crewmembers, two EVAs, two visiting Space Shuttles, and arrival of the first Japanese HTV.  Completing 199 days in space, Dr. Barratt landed on October 11, 2009.  He is currently assigned to the STS-133 mission to deliver a permanent logistics module to the ISS.    


This is a borderless 8" x 10" (approx) Photograph on Fuji/Kodak Paper

The actual print is sharper and more detailed than on the online image.

This is a superior quality photograph, suitable for autographing, matting or framing. Great for collecting the autographs of the astronauts.