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NASA Astronaut Tracy Caldwell-Dyson 8"x10" Full Colour Portrait
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8"x10" Full Colour Portrait of  NASA Astronaut Tracy Caldwell-Dyson

This is a borderless 8 x 10 Photograph on Fuji/Kodak Paper

The actual print is sharper and more detailed than on the online image.

This is a superior quality photograph, suitable for autographing, matting or framing. Great for collecting the autographs of the astronauts. 

Currently onboard the ISS.


Selected by NASA in June 1998, Caldwell reported for training in August 1998.  In 1999, she was first assigned to the Astronaut Office ISS Operations Branch as a Russian Crusader, participating in the testing and integration of Russian hardware and software products developed for ISS.  In 2000, she was assigned prime Crew Support Astronaut for the 5th ISS Expedition crew, serving as their representative on technical and operational issues throughout the training and on-orbit phase of their mission.  Caldwell has worked inside Mission Control as spacecraft communicator (CAPCOM) for both Space Shuttle and ISS operations, serving also as the lead CAPCOM for ISS Increment 11.  Other technical assignments have included flight software verification in the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory (SAIL) and supporting Shuttle launch and landing operations at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.  She has logged over 305 hours in space having completed her first space flight on STS-118 in 2007.  Caldwell launched with the Expedition-23 crew on April 2, 2010 and currently serves as a Flight Engineer on a long-duration mission aboard the International Space Station. 


STS-118 (August 8-21, 2007) was the 119th space shuttle flight, the 22nd flight to the International Space Station (ISS), and the 20th flight for Endeavour.  During the mission Endeavour's crew successfully added truss segment S5 and a new gyroscope to the ISS.  As MS-1, Caldwell assisted in flight deck operations on ascent and also aided in rendezvous/docking operations with the ISS.  Caldwell operated Endeavour’s robotic arm to maneuver the Orbiter Boom Sensor System (OBSS) and handover the S5 truss segment to the ISS, and also served as the intravehicular or “IV” crewmember, directing the four spacewalks.  Traveling 5.3 million miles in space, the STS-118 mission was completed in 12 days, 17 hours, 55 minutes and 34 seconds.