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NASA Shuttle MIR Program Embroidered Patch
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Embroidered Patch for the joint NASA Shuttle MIR Program

Full colour patch approx. 4" diameter.

A Quick Overview and Timeline of Shuttle-Mir

Shuttle-Mir encompassed 11 space shuttle flights and 7 astronaut residencies on the Russian space station Mir.


3 - 11

STS-60: First Cosmonaut on the Shuttle
Sergei K. Krikalev was the first Cosmonaut to fly aboard the Shuttle.


3 - 11

STS-63: First Rendezvous with Mir
With Cosmonaut Vladimir Titov aboard, Discovery rendezvoused with Mir, closed to within 37 feet, and performed a fly-around, but did not dock.

March 14
- July 7

Thagard Increment: First Astronaut on Mir
Astronaut Norman Thagard launched with Cosmonauts Vladimir Dezhurov and Gennady Strekalov aboard a Russian Soyuz to spend 115 days on Mir.

June 27
- July 7

STS-71: First Docking
Atlantis performed the first shuttle docking with Mir; delivered a replacement crew -- cosmonauts Anatoly Solovyev and Nikolai Budarin -- and returned Dezhurov, Strekalov, and Thagard to Earth.

12 - 20

STS-74: A New Docking Module
The first shuttle assembly flight to Mir, it carried a Russian-built, U.S.-funded docking module with two attached solar arrays.


22 - 31

STS-76: Starting a Continuous U.S. Presence
This mission carried Shannon Lucid to Mir, demonstrated logistics capabilities with a Spacehab module, and placed experiment packages on Mir's docking module during a spacewalk.

March 22
- August 26

Lucid Increment: One for the Records
Shannon Lucid began the continuous U.S. presence on Mir and set a U.S. single spaceflight record of 188 days. The Priroda module, with about 2,200 pounds of U.S. science hardware, was docked to Mir.

16 - 26

STS-79: Blaha Succeeds Lucid
This mission included a double Spacehab module. It brought Lucid home and replaced her with John Blaha.

August 16
January 22, 1997

Blaha Increment: Keeping it Going
Blaha spent four months with the Mir-22 Cosmonaut crew conducting material science, fluid science, and life science research.


12 - 22

STS-81: Linenger Succeeds Blaha
On this mission, Jerry Linenger replaced Blaha.

January 12
- May 24

Linenger Increment: A Spacewalk and a Fire
Linenger conducted the first spacewalk by a U.S. astronaut wearing a Russian spacesuit, and experienced the onboard fire in February.

15 - 24

STS-84: Foale Succeeds Linenger
This mission carried up Linenger's replacement Mike Foale, along with Russian mission specialist Elena V. Kondakova.

May 15
- September 25

Foale Increment: Collision and Recovery
Foale experienced the collision with the Progress, which damaged the Spektr module and caused the loss of some science experiments. A remarkable salvage and replanning effort by Foale and the science community maximized the scientific return. Foale conducted a spacewalk with Anatoly Solovyev to survey damage to the Spektr module.

September 25
- October 6

STS-86: Wolf Succeeds Foale
David Wolf boarded Mir with this mission replacing, Foale. Astronaut Scott Parazynski and cosmonaut Vladimir Titov conducted a joint spacewalk, the first in which a Russian wore a U.S. spacesuit.

September 25 -
Jan. 31, 1998

Wolf Increment: Back Toward Normal
Wolf conducted a spacewalk in January with cosmonaut Solovyev to conduct scientific experiments.


22 - 31

STS-89: Thomas Succeeds Wolf
This mission replaced Wolf with Andy Thomas. The flight also carried cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov to Mir.

January 22
- June 12

Thomas Increment: Smoothest Sailing
Thomas studied meteorology, ocean biochemistry, and human adaptation to microgravity.

2 - 12

STS-91: Closing Out Shuttle-Mir
This mission picked up Thomas and conducted scientific investigations. Phase 1 came to a close.