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NASA Skylab Rescue Embroidered Patch
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NASA Skylab Rescue Embroidered 113 mm dia. (4.5") Patch Revised

After attending the launch of Apollo 17 in 1972 and seeing the patch created by Robert McCall, I knew I wanted to contribute in that way.

The Skylab mission patches had already been designed but during the second increment a leak developed in the RCS of the Service Module, requiring the preparation of a rescue.

This was the very first mission patch I designed and submitted to Vance Brand. He saved my original drawings all these years and returned them to me last September for my birthday. And I am glad I was able to create this 4 1/2" fully embroidered emblem.

Tim Gagnon

Skylab was the name of America's firs orbiting space station. It used hardware developed for the Apollo Moon landing including the Command Module and the Saturn V rocket. The three crews lived on Skylab for the longest space voyages up to that time; for 28, 59, and 84 days each for a total of 117 days. Skylab traveled a total of 70.5 million miles and completed 2,476 manned orbits of the Earth.

It was the largest habitable structure ever placed into
orbit. Skylab returned harmlessly to Earth on July 11, 1979 after completing 24,181 orbits. In-orbit repairs to the Skylab proved that men can accomplish much more than programmed machines in space. It also proved that men can survive for long periods of time in space and helped pave the way for future permanent manned space stations.

NASA Space Mission Patch Collectable Embroidered Souvenir emblem from the U.K No.1 NASA Space Store.