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NASA STS-112 Atlantis Mission Patch
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4" Embroidered Space Patch for the STS-112 Mission

The prime objective of STS-112 was to deliver the S1 Truss to the International Space Station and attach it to the S0 Truss.

Launch Date: Oct. 7, 2002, 3:45:51.074 p.m. EDT Crew: Jeffrey Ashby, Commander Pamela Melroy, Pilot David Wolf, Mission Specialist Piers Sellers, Mission Specialist Sandra Magnus, Mission Specialist Fyodor Yurchikhin, Mission Specialist (RSA)

The STS-112 emblem symbolizes the ninth assembly mission (9A) to the International Space Station (ISS), a flight which is designed to deliver the Starboard 1 (S1) truss segment. The 30,000 pound truss segment will be lifted to orbit in the payload bay of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and installed using the ISS robotic arm. Three space walks will then be carried out to complete connections between the truss and ISS. Future missions will extend the truss structure to a span of over 350 feet so that it can support the solar arrays and radiators which provide the electrical power and cooling for ISS. The STS-112 emblem depicts ISS from the viewpoint of a departing shuttle, with the installed S1 truss segment outlined in red. A gold trail represents a portion of the Shuttle rendezvous trajectory. Where the trajectory meets ISS, a nine-pointed star represents the combined on-orbit team of six shuttle and three ISS crew members who together will complete the S1 truss installation. The trajectory continues beyond the ISS, ending in a six-pointed star representing the Atlantis and the STS-112 crew.