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NASA STS-124 Discovery Mission Patch
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STS-124 Discovery Mission Patch Approx 4" embroidered.

Launch Target: May 25, 2008 Orbiter: Discovery Mission Number: STS-124 (123rd space shuttle flight) Launch Window: 10 minutes Launch Pad: 39A Mission Duration: TBD Landing Site: KSC Inclination/Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles Primary Payload: 26th station flight (1J), Kibo Pressurized Module, Japanese Remote Manipulator System STS-124/1J patch depicts the Space Shuttle Discovery docked with the International Space Station (ISS). STS-124/1J is dedicated to delivering and installing the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) known as Kibo (Hope) to the ISS. The significance of the mission and the Japanese contribution to the ISS is recognized by the Japanese flag depicted on the JEM Pressurized Module (JPM) and the word Kibo written in Japanese at the bottom of the patch. The view of the sun shining down upon the Earth represents the increased "hope" that the entire world will benefit from the JEM's scientific discoveries. The JPM will be the largest habitable module on the ISS and is equipped with its own airlock and robotic arm for external experiments. In addition to delivering and installing the JPM, the STS-124 crew will relocate the JEM Logistics Pressurized (JLP) module to its permanent home on the zenith side of the JPM. During three planned space walks, the crew will perform external ISS maintenance and JPM outfitting, as well as extensive robotic operations by the ISS, space shuttle, and JEM robotic arms. It will be the first time that three different robotic arms will be operated during a single space flight mission.