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NASA STS-125 Atlantis Mission Patch
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STS 125 Atlantis Mission Patch - Approx 4" dia embroidered patch.

Launch Target: Under Review Orbiter: Atlantis Mission Number: STS-125 (125th space shuttle flight) Launch Window: 60 minutes - rendezvous dependent Launch Pad: 39A Mission Duration: 11 days Landing Site: KSC Inclination/Altitude: 28.5 degrees/304 nautical miles.

This STS-125 crew patch shows HST along with a representation of its many scientific discoveries. The overall structure and composition of the Universe is shown in blue and filled with planets, stars, and galaxies. The black background is indicative of the mysteries of dark-energy and dark-matter. The new instruments to be installed on HST during this mission, Wide Field Camera-3 and the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, will make observations to help understand these unseen components which seem to dominate the structure of the Universe. The red border of the patch represents the red-shifted glow of the early Universe, and the limit of the Hubble's view into the cosmos. Upon completion of STS-125, the fifth mission to service HST, the Hubble will provide even deeper and more detailed views of the Universe. Soaring by the telescope is the space shuttle which initially deployed Hubble and has enabled astronauts to continually upgrade the telescope, significantly contributing to the expansion of human knowledge.