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NASA STS-132 Atlantis Space Mission Patch
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STS-132 Space Mission Patch

Embroidered full colour mission patch approximately 4" in diameter.

Space shuttle Atlantis launched on its final planned mission to deliver an Integrated Cargo Carrier and a Russian-built Mini Research Module to the International Space Station. STS-132 was the 32nd mission for Atlantis.

Three spacewalks were conducted while Atlantis was docked to the orbiting laboratory. During the first spacewalk Mission Specialists Garrett Reisman and Steve Bowen installed a spare antenna and a stowage platform. On the second spacewalk, Bowen and Mission Specialist Michael Good replaced batteries on the P6 Truss that store solar energy. Outside for the final spacewalk were Good and Reisman who replaced the last of the P6 Truss batteries and retrieved a power data grapple fixture for installation at a later date.

Rassvet, the Russian-built Mini Research Module, was removed from the shuttle's payload bay and installed on the Zarya module. Reisman and Mission Specialist Piers Sellers operated the station's robotic arm, Canadarm2, during this process. Reisman and Sellers also maneuvered the Integrated Cargo Carrier from Atlantis into position on the station with Canadarm2. The cargo carrier provided a worksite for spacewalkers to store tools and gear.

After seven days of docked operations, Atlantis undocked with Commander Ken Ham and Pilot Tony Antonelli at the shuttle's controls. With the final inspection of Atlantis' heatshield complete, STS-132 was cleared for landing in Florida on May 26, 2010 at 8:48 a.m. EDT. This was the 34th space shuttle mission to the International Space Station.