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NASA STS-133 Mission Patch (with Stephen Bowen)
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STS-133 Space Shuttle Mission Patch

Please note the mission logo features the name of Astronaut Stephen Bowen due to an accident he replaced Astronaut Tim Kopra.

Our STS-133 NASA Mission Patch is a fully embroidered 4" patch.

STS-133 launched on February 24 2011. STS-133 is a NASA Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station. The mission will transport the Pressurized Multipurpose Module and the fourth ExPRESS Logistics Carrier to the ISS. The mission will be the 39th and final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery and the 133rd and flight of NASA's Space Shuttle program, which began in April 1981.

STS-133 Mission Data:

Mission name STS-133

  • Space shuttle Discovery
  • Launch pad 39A
  • Launch date 24 February 2011
  • Landing
  • Mission duration 11 Days
  • Orbital altitude 225 kilometers (121 nmi)
  • Orbital inclination 51.6 degrees 


The STS-133 crew members are Commander Steven Lindsey, Pilot Eric Boe and Mission Specialists Alvin Drew, Michael Barratt, Tim Kopra and Nicole Stott.

Discovery will deliver and install the Permanent Multipurpose Module, the Express Logistics Carrier 4 and provide critical spare components to the International Space Station. This will be the 35th shuttle mission to the station.