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NASA STS-70 Discovery Mission Patch
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4" Embroidered Space Patch for the STS-70 Discovery Mission

Twenty-first Discovery flight. Cargo bay payloads consisted of Tracking and Data Relay Satellite and Inertial Upper Stage. Middeck payloads consisted of Biological Research in Canisters (RIC), Bioreactor Development System (BDS) CPCG, NIH R-2, STL-B and MSX. Landed July 22, 1995 at Kennedy Space Center, FL. Mission Duration 214 hours 21 minutes 9 seconds.

Launch Date: July 13, 1995 Launch Vehicle: Discovery Crew: Commander: Terren T. Hendricks, Pilot: Kevin R. Kregel, Mission Specialists: Mary E. Weber, Donald A. Thomas, Nancy J. Currie