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NASA STS-73 Columbia Mission Patch
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4" Embroidered Space Patch for the STS-73 Flight.

Eighteenth Columbia flight. The United States Microgravity Laboratory-2 (USML-2) was the prime payload on this flight. Experiments on gravity in combusion flame spreading, semiconductor crystals and theoretical models of fluid physics were tested. The Orbital Acceleration Measurement System (SAMS), High-Packed Digital Television Demonstration and Three Dimensional Microgravity Accelerometer (3DMA) were on this flight. Landed November 5, 1995 at Kennedy Space Center, FL. Mission Duration: 381 hours 53 minutes 17 seconds.

Launch Date: October 20, 1995 Launch Vehicle: Columbia Crew: Commander: Kenneth D. Bowersox, Pilot: Kent Rominger, Mission Specialists: Kathryn Thornton, Catherine Coleman, Micahel Lopez-Alegria, Payload Specialists: Fred Leslie, Albert Sacco