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NASA STS-76 Atlantis Mission Patch
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4" Embroidered Space Patch for the STS-76 Mission

Sixteenth Atlantis flight with Kevin Chilton, Rick Searfoss, Ron Sega, Rich Clifford and Linda Godwin as crew members while Shannon Lucid, Yuri Onufriendo and Yuri Usachev were taken to the Space Station MIR. The third docking with MIR included over 1,900 pounds of supplies. The mission would include the SPACEHAB module, middeck experiments and a Get Away Special. Landed March 31, 1996 at Edwards Air Force Base, CA. Mission Duration: 221 hours 15 minutes 53 seconds.

Launch Date: March 22, 1996 Launch Vehicle: Atlantis Crew: Commander: Kevin P. Chilton, Pilot:Richard A. Seaffoss, Mission Specialists: Linda Godwin, Ronald Sega, Michael R. Clifford, Shannon Lucid