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NASA's Space Shuttle Program Medallion (with space flown metal)
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NASA's Space Shuttle Program Medallion (with space flown metal)

NASA has commissioned two commemorative medals, each minted using flown-in-space metal, to recognize the end of its 30-year space shuttle program.

The NASA Award Medallion (1.75" diameter) is "in recognition of all who played a vital role in supporting the shuttle program." In addition, this limited edition medallion celebrates the program's 135 missions during 30 years of innovation and service.

Metal ingots produced for this program were flown on a space shuttle mission and then included in the production stage so that each medallion would contain flown material.

On the reverse, a space shuttle launch is rendered dimensionally in antique silver. The award medallion was designed by NASA artist Sean Collins.

Limited to two per customer unless otherwise arranged due the weight and insurance.

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The medallions will be distributed by NASA and its contractors to employees as well as will eventually be available to the public.