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Space Shuttle Program Flown Artifacts from all 5 Shuttles Presentation

Flown Artifacts STS-77 Space Shuttle Endeavour 'SPACEHAB-4 / SPARTAN (IAE) 

ASCAN Class 22

JSC Engineering

OCSS - Orion Crew Survival System

Large WEBB Space Telescope - Tim Gagnon and Dr. Jorge Cartes Design

Capstone - Lunar orbiter

NASA/SpaceX Crew 6

DM-1 Crew Dragon Demo-1

NASA Demo-2 SpaceX

Pioneer 10/11 - Interplanetary explorers

Tianzhou 5 - Tiangong Space Station Mission, resupply

Tianzhou 4 - Tiangong Space Station Mission, resupply

Shenzhou 15 - Tenth crewed Chinese spaceflight 

Shenzhou 14 - Ninth crewed Chinese Spaceflight 

Mengtian Module -  Chinese laboratory cabin module

Mir Space Station

Russian Space Agency

Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center

CRS SpaceX 26

CRS SpaceX 27

ISS Transportation Integration Office - Tim Gagnon Design

International Space Station 4 x 2

ISS Nations Flags Round Patch

Expedition 68 Space Station Patch

Expedition 47 Space Station Patch

STS-62A  Proposed Space shuttle launch from California 


Artemis Orion/SLS rocket pin - Antique Bronze colour

Artemis Orion/SLS rocket pin - Antique Silver colour

Expedition 68 Mission Lapel pin

747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Lapel Pin - Antique Bronze colour

747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Lapel Pin - Antique Silver colour

APOLLO 16 Special Edition Medallion with moon flown metal

Crew-5 Mission Patch

CRS SpaceX 17

CRS SpaceX 16