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MIR Soviet/Russian Partners
Keep up to date with New/recently added or restocked items and the occasional one off items.

NASA Moon Boot Print Pin With flown metal 
PVC Key Rings
NASA Worm Logo Lapel Pin
NASA 60th Year Commemorative Medallion with Engineering and Space Flown Metals
NASA 60th Year Commemorative Lapel Pin Badge with Engineering and Space Flown Metals
New 4" Apollo Program Patch
New Japanese Space Agency Patch (JAXA)
NASA Gemini 3 Mission 'Molly Brown' Patch
Skylab Rescue Mission
Expedition 58 Lapel Pin badge
Expedition 58 Patch Ver.1
Expedition 57 Patch Ver.3
New Gemini 4 Embroidered Patch
New Gemini 4 Lapel Pin badge
New Shenzhou 5 embroidered patch
New Shenzhou 6 embroidered patch
New Shenzhou 7 embroidered patch
New Shenzhou 9 embroidered patch
New Shenzhou 10 embroidered patch
New Shenzhou 11 embroidered patch
NASA Orbital Debris Program Office Patch
SpaceX 15 Commercial Resupply Services Patch