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Soyuz TM-10 Crew Portrait
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Soyuz TM-10 Crew Portrait 8 x 10 Full Colour Glossy

Crew comprised of Cosmonauts Gennadi Manakov and Gennady Strekalov.

 (Russian photos have white borders).

TM-10 marked the return to earth of Japanese reporter Toyohiro Akiyama.

The Soyuz arrived at Mir's aft port with four passengers: quail for cages in Kvant-2. A quail had laid an egg en route to the station. It was returned to Earth, along with 130 kg of experiment results and industrial products, in Soyuz TM-9. The spacecraft landed without incident.

It spent 131 days attached to Mir. A camera was installed in the descent module as part of the agreement with Akiyama’s network to film the reactions of the returning cosmonauts.