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Soyuz TM-29 Crew Portrait
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Soyuz TM-29 Crew Portrait 8 x 10 full colour glossy photo.

The crew comprised of: Viktor Afanasyev, Jean-Pierre Haigneré , France and Ivan Bella of Slovakia.

(Russian photos have white borders).

38th expedition to Mir.

Soyuz TM-29 was a Russian manned spacecraft launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome aboard a Soyuz 11A511U rocket. It docked with Mir on February 22 at 05:36 GMT with Cosmonauts Afanasyev, Haigneré, and Bella aboard. Since two crew seats had been sold (to Slovakia and France), Afanasyev was the only Russian cosmonaut aboard. This meant that Russian engineer Avdeyev (already aboard Mir) would have to accept a double-length assignment. After the February 27th departure of EO-26 crew commander Padalka and Slovak cosmonaut Bella aboard Soyuz TM-28, the new EO-27 Mir crew consisted of Afanasyev as Commander, Avdeyev as Engineer and French cosmonaut Haigneré.