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Soyuz TM-30 Crew Portrait
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Soyuz TM-30 Crew Portrait 8 x 10 full colour glossy photo.

The crew comprised of: Sergei Zalyotin and Alexandr Kaleri

 (Russian photos have white borders).

Soyuz TM-30 was the 39th and last expedition to the Mir space station.

Soyuz TM-30, known as the MirCorp mission, was a Russian passenger ship that was launched at 05:01 UT from Baikonur by a Soyuz rocket to transport two cosmonauts for a 45-day (or longer) stay in Mir station. It docked with Mir automatically after a 50-hour voyage. They were sent to repair the 14-year-old station, especially the recent problems of pressure leak, and a dysfunctional orientation of a solar panel.