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Space Station Expedition 63 Limited Edition (100) Patch
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Space Station Expedition 63 Limited Edition Patch (100 Pieces only).

100 mm (4") diameter approximately full coloured mission patch for Expedition 63. This is a limited edition of only 100, 100% embroidered patches.

From an original design for NASA by Houston based artist Blake Dumesnil, check out more of Blake's work here:

The Expedition 63 patch represents an intersection of the past and the beginning of a new dawn in human space flight as we continue to inhabit the International Space Station, aim towards returning to the Moon and plan for the journey to Mars. Thirteen illuminated stars along the top of the patch commemorate the Apollo 13 mission celebrating its 50th anniversary during Expedition 63.

The swoosh in the shape of the number “63” orbiting around the Earth and Moon honours the Apollo Program and the future missions to go beyond low Earth orbit. The atom, shown overlaid on a vibrant sunrise, is the Expedition 63 crew’s call sign symbolising the energy to revolve, or orbit around a nucleus or in their case, the Earth.

The international crew will continue to carry out the important mission of collaboration in preserving the space station as a microgravity and space environment research laboratory.