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When the International Space Station (ISS) was proposed, critics said that it would be impossible due in part to the sheer number of Extravehicular Activities (spacewalks) necessary. It was a mountain too high to summit they said. 

 That criticism wasn't taken lightly and a lot of work went into planning, training the crews and manufacturing all of the equipment needed to accomplish the task of assembling and maintaining the ISS. That work has paid off beyond all expectations.

 As of 3 September 2021, there have been 242 spacewalks devoted to assembly and maintenance of the International Space Station totaling 1527 hours and 35 minutes.

37 of those spacewalks were performed from a shuttle,

93 from the Quest Joint Airlock,

32 from the Pirs docking compartment, and two from the transfer compartment at the forward end of the Zvezda service module.

 The idea of this patch originated with Tim's friend Eddy Ruytings of Belgium. Inspired by the lighthearted "Hubble Huggers" patch, "Station Steelworkers" celebrates all those who were involved in making the ISS spacewalks a success. The design was created by Tim Gagnon and Jorge Cartes.

 Tim Gagnon

Approximately 4 1/2" Diameter