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STS-98/ISS-5A Medallion with Flown Metal
Contains Space Flown Metal, NASA employee gift/award medallion.
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STS-98/ISS-5A Medallion with Flown Metal

These medallions were produced by NASA, Spaceflight Awareness Division as awards to NASA employees and contractors. Each one contains metal flown in space from the U.S. 'Destiny' Space Station Module.

The medallions with an antique bronze effect are in perfect condition and measure approx 38 mm in diameter.

Please note that the protective plastic cases are unfortunately scuffed and in some cases are cracked. This does not detract from the medallions themselves.

Front face reads:
 'International Space Station - STS 98 and depicts the space shuttle rising up towards the International space Station

Rear face reads:
U.S. Laboratory - Destiny - Space Flight Awareness
This coin containing metal from the U.S. Laboratory module flown on mission STS-98, commemorates the deployment of another element in building the International Space Station, February 2001 and depicts the U.S. Destiny module.

STS-98 (February 7-20) was a 2001 Space Shuttle Mission to the International Space Station (ISS) flown by Space Shuttle Atlantis. STS-98 delivered to the station the destiny Laboratory Module, installed on February 10.

All mission objectives were completed and the shuttle re-entered and landed safely at the Edwards Air Force Base on 20 February 2001, after 12 days in space, six of which were spent docked to the ISS.